At Sorora, we are proud to offer AviClear™, the first laser on the market specifically designed to treat mild to severe acne. With its 1726 nm wavelength, AviClear™ targets the sebaceous gland, a major contributor to acne, and downregulates its activity, leading to less oily skin. In fact, 91% of patients have responded positively to this treatment. AviClear™’s supreme cooling technology ensures a comfortable experience during treatment. We highly recommend AviClear™ for patients who are tired of ineffective acne medications or are of childbearing age. This treatment has been shown to be as effective as Accutane without the side effects. It has been proven to decrease acne breakouts, even in severe nodulocystic acne cases. The recommended protocol includes three sessions spaced four weeks apart. While the initial treatment may cause a temporary “purge” with increased acne, after the second and third treatments, patients will notice clear benefits. Say goodbye to acne and hello to clear, healthy skin with AviClear™.


0-1 Day


30-45 Minutes




2+ Years


3 Treatments, 1 month apart

BEFORE the treatment

  • No major intervention is required prior to the treatment, do; however, let us know if you have been on Accutane preceding the treatment and how long you have been off of it.
  • We recommend that a patient be at least 16 years old prior to treatment (as recommended by the manufacturer).

DURING the treatment

  • This treatment is relatively short and does not require any numbing medication. It entails 3 – 30 minute treatments 4 weeks apart. You will feel some minor discomfort as the light device passes over your skin – this is minimized again with maximum cooling technology.

AFTER the treatment

  • You may initially notice a purge in your skin after the first treatment, but after the 2nd treatment and continually thereafter, you will notice your skin getting clearer and clearer. We do recommend a good topical skin regimen to maintain results.


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