Facial veins/spider veins/broken blood vessels/broken capillaries

Facial veins/spider veins/broken blood vessels/broken capillaries

Facial veins or spider veins are often referred to spider veins and broken blood vessels. These can cause people to be self-conscious. They are tiny red threads mainly on the nose/cheek area but can occur on the chin and forehead as well. Larger bluish-coloured veins can develop around the temple and under the eyes.

They can happen due to several factors. The main or most common cause is sun damage. Going in the sun without sun protection enlarges and dilates our blood vessels. Also when you have a sunburn the top layer of the skin peels off and makes blood vessels more visible.

Extreme pressure due to scrubbing, excess exfoliation, increased pressure due to sneezing, vomiting or facial injuries can damage these tiny vessels and make them dilate. Temperature changes can produce changes in the size of these vessels.

Alcohol can dilate blood vessels ­– this is typically transient, but frequent drinking can dilate the vessels for longer periods of time and can cause a “ruddy appearance to the face” – this can also exacerbate rosacea if one has this as an underlying condition.

Genetics can add to this problem – if you have family members with facial veins that are prominent chances are that you can also have this condition.

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