Hyperhidrosis/excess sweating

Hyperhidrosis/excess sweating

Although embarrassing and distressing MSP does not consider sweating a medical concern; thus, its treatment is generally private pay.

We can make medical suggestions; however, medications for hyperhidrosis do come with a set of unwelcome side effects.

Sweating is the way that our body cools down and gets rid of some chemicals. Sometimes sweating is normal, in instances when you are exercising, are too hot etc. Some people; however, have a condition that makes their sweat glands overactive and they sweat too much. They may have sweat dripping around their face just from a gentle walk. Some people’s hands are always wet and sweaty and this makes it quite awkward to even shake hands.

There are certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart failure, anxiety, and thyroid problems that can cause heavy sweating. Some medications also lead to heavy sweating.

At Sorora Medical and Laser, we offer neurotoxin treatment for excess sweating. Dr. Basanti can also suggest some medical management techniques for excess sweating.

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